Theatrical release date (JP) 2018
Original Title ういらぶ。
Genres Love Romance
Main Cast Sho Hirano (Member of Johnny's group “King & Prince”),
Hinako Sakurai (Marmalade Boy)
Staff Director Yuichi Sato (Strawberry Night, Kisaragi)
Copyright© ©Yukimo Hoshimori/Shogakukan.
©2018 "You, I love" Film Partners


" Yu, I love you too much to say 'I love you!'
A heart beating and fresh love story between
6 childhood friends! "

Rin, Yu, Koyomi, and Keita are childhood friends who live in the same apartment building. They are all head-turning gorgeous and the coolest, most popular foursome at their high school. Rin is outwardly aloof and handsome, but he likes Yu so much that he acts cold and mean toward her and cuts her down with harsh remarks. Yu also really likes Rin, but because of his attitude, she has no confidence in herself and feels negative all the time. They like each other too much to confess their feelings to each other. Then a rival appears before them - Kazuma. Rin and Yu’s love and the four friends’ friendship that they thought would never change take an unexpected turn…