We create, explore and deliver entertainment.

We take part in every step of entertainment industry from business development, production as well as distribution, and also enhance and deliver the value of the works for everyone involved in the business.

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We produce, develop and finance to create various live-action and animated entertainment including film and television/streaming series that can be valued worldwide.

Theatrical Releases: Production & Investment

We develop and produce live-action films and animations for theatrical release and invest in other companies’ projects.

TV Contents: Production & Investment

We develop and produce live-action contents and animations for television and invest in other companies’ projects.

Other Visual Contents: Development & Investment

We develop and invest in contents to be screened at special events in theaters and non-theatrical projects based on video contents.


We add value to the works we produce/finance worldwide by using in-house resourses such as marketing, promotion, distribution and sales.

Distribution (sales activities to theaters, advertisement), marketing

We advertise,market,and distribute live-action films and animations for theatrical release, including our own, other companies’, and acquired foreign films.

Sales & Licensing

We are the point of contact for various tasks pertaining to rights, including the distribution and sales of television broadcast rights of our own and other companies’ contents, events, and merchandising.
We also actively pursue our role as a local business partner for foreign companies.


We deliver valuable entertainment to our customers through streaming platforms and television channels operated by our affiliates.

Platform Support

We procure and distribute Japanese and foreign films, animations, TV dramas, and other contents for various specialty channels, including those operated by our affiliate companies, namely JCOM STREAM, TELASA, and milplus.


Our international business focuses on sales and licensing of live-action and animated works produced by ourselves and/or third parties, as well as acquisitions of foreign films/series for domestic distribution.