Theatrical release date (JP) 2009.10.17
Original Title 戦慄迷宮
Runtime 89 min.
Genres Horror
Main Cast Yuya Yagira (Nobody Knows), Misako Renbutsu
Staff Director Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge, Ju-On)
Copyright© ©ショック・ラビリンス・フィルム・コミッティ2009


One rainy night, Yuki, a girl missing for 10 years, suddenly comes back. Ken and his friend Hajime, a blind girl Rin, and her sister Miyu feel a bit of confusion with the sudden return, but they welcome her. Later that night, Yuki suddenly faints and they try to take her to a hospital. But the hospital they arrive is a decayed and very mystical place… like a labyrinth. Welcome to The Shock Labyrinth. This is where they encounter who they were 10 years ago... What will happen to them in this building? Who killed and abandoned those bodies? Where is this place? What awaits them at the ending?