Original Title モヒカン故郷に帰る
Runtime 125min
Main Cast Ryuhei Matsuda, Akira Emoto, Atsuko Maeda
Staff Director: Shuichi Okita
Copyright© ©2016 “The Mohican Comes Home" Film Partners


Eikichi is frontman for a death metal band that has no future. His girlfriend Yuka's pregnancy prompts him to return home to Tobi Island, where his family lives. He hasn't been home for 7 years and he's not eager to return. His father, Osamu is stubborn and he doesn't approve his son. Osamu gives his son an earful when they go home but he's happy about the news of his first grandchild and calls all the locals over for a wild party. Osamu collapses at the party and consequently discovers that he has cancer with a bad prognosis. Eikichi struggles with the imminent death of his father. His efforts to please his father mostly fail but he tries to think of what he can do for his dying father...