Thank you for your continuing support of Asmik Ace.

When we come back to ourselves at the end of a wonderful movie, or after being absorbed in a fine piece of music or work of literature, we feel in that moment as if we had returned from a journey to some distant place. After experiencing such a work of art, we now see the world through different eyes. It is my belief that in providing entertainment we do not force a passive “appreciation” on an audience, but rather that we offer an active, physical “experience”. In that way, the nature of entertainment can probably be said to involve a wider sense of “journey”.

From its beginnings in 1985 as a distributor of game and video software, Asmik Ace has moved into such areas as the acquisition and distribution of foreign films, and the planning and production of Japanese films and animations, in an integrated expansion of its activities centered on the field of moving images. Becoming in 2012 a subsidiary of Jupiter Telecommunications, Japan’s largest cable TV conglomerate, we have since enlarged our distribution activities in concert with J:COM, KDDI Corporation among other companies. On the two pillars of “feature film and other content” and “digital distribution”, we aim to open up new possibilities in the entertainment industry by creating an operating model unlike any that has ever existed before. This is the major focus of our efforts today.

To create and deliver new value: this is how we define our function in the new corporate vision designed this spring. This restating of our corporate philosophy, undertaken on the occasion of our 30th anniversary, has been arrived at in consultation with all of our staff as to how the company should orient itself to face the next 30 years. In an environment of rapid change, we believe that it is our function to continue to offer new value, and through entertainment to demonstrate new possibilities for the future.

To fulfill that function, we cannot allow ourselves to be confined to one single place. We must continue to move at a speed that enables us to outrun the ever-accelerating pace of change in the world around us. In this sense, we are ourselves an organization on a “journey”. We continue on our journey, and invite others to join us: this is what we aim to do as well. We believe this journey will be one filled with surprise, resonating with the world’s richness and variety, with unexpected encounters through which we will continue on a steady process of change and evolution.

Under the banner of our new corporate philosophy, our caravan sets out on the next phase of its journey. We look forward to seeing you all along the way.

Masayuki Sano
Representative Director, President
April, 2017